Monday, February 14, 2011

A Perfect Day With My Perfect Valentine

Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday. We had a little blast of springtime this weekend. It was about sixty-five degrees and sunny, which in my book is just right. I made pancakes with maple glaze and chocolate covered bacon for breakfast.We read in bed and took walks and got coffee and sat in the sun.
We went and saw a late afternoon movie called L'illusionniste or The Illusionist (in English). It's an animated French film that I've been so looking forward to coming to Davis. I absolutely loved it. Every bit of it. It wasn't subtitled so I had no idea what was being said. That was never much of a problem though as it was practically a silent film. The music was so lovely and the artwork was absolutely stunning. It was such a treat to the eyes. It was simple and romantic somehow. I think watching a movie like that in such an old and beautiful theatre at a time when there's almost no one else there is so fun. Matt loved it too. It was a delight.
For dinner Matt made steak and scallops, herb red potatoes, salad, and chocolate covered strawberries. We ate on the living room floor and lit candles and had wine. It was so delicious. I honestly don't know how he does it but he is like a magician when it comes to food. 
It was the best Valentine's Day I ever had, even if it was early:)
P.S. Matt had these cards sent to me in three parts, with the last one arriving today. He's so cute.


  1. The very best Valentine's Day I have ever had. And special kudos to the absolute very best pancakes I have ever had the pleasure of eating. You are an amazing wife and it shows. =)