Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Addition to Our Little Family:)

Everyone I'd like you to meet the latest addition to the family, Charlie! I've been really wanting another cat. I really just wanted Oliver to have a friend. We keep Oliver strictly indoors, which makes me feel constant pains of guilt. We live in such a busy area that I just don't think it's safe for him to roam around.... I wanted him to have someone to share with and play with and generally cause mayhem with. We finally decided to go ahead and we went to the SPCA and feel in love with this little guy. There were so many sweet little faces in need of homes that it just broke our hearts to leave them all there. You can only do what you can do though, right? 
Charlie is a tiny little ball of sweetness and playfulness. He has more energy than he knows what to do with. I couldn't be happier that we brought him here to live with us:) He makes Oliver look like a giant! Oliver was very apprehensive at first. I think he thought we were punishing him or something. He would hardly come near me... After a couple days he really warmed up to him and now they are best friends forever! All is back to normal with Oliver and me and they both fight for a spot on my lap when they're sleepy. They have soooo much fun together. I can't wait until we can move somewhere with more room for them to play in, and maybe even let them outside. Do any of you have cats? What are your thoughts on letting them outside? I go back and forth in my philosophy... This is the last addition until children of course. My dad teases me and calls me a crazy cat lady. I don't really think two is all that crazy... 
I hope you enjoy the photos. Happy Tuesday!
Doesn't he look like a baby bobcat?
This one is blurry but I just love it:)
Oliver is such a fatty! They are obsessed with this chair. They do all their cuddling and napping together on it:)
My little love bugs:)


  1. Ah, I love the last picture, too sweet! My daughter just came over and she squealed she thinks they are so cute together. She really wants a cat and I'm afraid it's not going to happen. We have too many other creatures! I think I will let her visit your blog when she feels the need for a cat, lol!

  2. I can't believe how cuddly they are together. It'd adorable! I am a cat person (and I am sure you remember that) and if I had a choice, I would have about 3 cats living in my apartment right now. But, as far as having him outside? I agree with you. It is scary to have cats roaming around out in really busy neigborhoods.

    Ugh! I want one!

  3. Your incredibly charming blog just keeps getting better! The pictures of your cats are wonderful. Very great photographer! As always thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Love it! I have a Charlie, too. But, she's a dog and a girl. I just loved the name and couldn't pass it up. I hope you make this little cutie a neat sweater like the one you made for Oliver. :)

  5. Aww he is so cute!! I especially love the last picture of them all snuggled together! :) I have never been a bit fan of cats (as I am severly allergic) but yours sure are adorable!

  6. I love the way they love each other! it melts my little heart. And if you're a crazy cat lady then what does that make me?? lol. My dream job would be to open a cat shelter!