Friday, July 9, 2010

A Berry Good Weekend:)

I hope everyone had a great time last weekend for the 4th! We had so much fun. Matt and I stayed at his parent's all weekend and barbecued and played games and just had a good time being with family. On Saturday we went to this amazing little strawberry stand to get the absolute most juicy and delicious strawberries ever! We spent the whole day making jam. Homemade jam is hard work and pretty time consuming, but it is so very worth it to me. I feel connected to women from another time, like somehow I'm honoring them by doing something their way.... Dorky, I know, but I truly love everything homemade. It's so much more personal and also way more delicious. It was fun to do it with Matt and the whole house smelt so good like jam.We got about 25 jars of yummy tastiness out of it! 
Here's FL Strawberries. It's a tiny place, but well worth your time to go check it out if you live in Northern California. It's located in Davis.
For Sunday we made a simple white cake and decorated it with blueberries and rasberries to make a berry flag! There was a little instructional video on by my favorite, Ina Garten. I love her. Anyways, it was super easy and fun to make and oh soooo delectable!
What did you do for the 4th?


  1. Yummy those fresh strawberries look SO good!! I have never made jam, but have seen a lot of posts around it here in bloggyland and it's definitely inspiring me to try it some day soon! Looks like you had a great holiday weekend.

  2. Hi Ashley! We did have fun, didn't we. I'm glad you guys were here. I especially loved playing games. I feel exactly the same about canning jam. You just realize all the hard work our ancestors went through to eat. It's humbling. That cake was so delicious, too and not a crumb left. Thanks for everything. Mona

  3. I went to a family bbq for the fourth.
    That cake is delicious. I usually buy strawberries at the farmer's market near me, the variety I like are called seascapes, they have long stems which are kind of fun.