Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early Christmas Surprises!

    On Friday Matt said he was going to run to Dixon, which is about 5 miles from Davis to go get a few groceries. I kept insisting that I would go myself or at least go with him, but he said he wanted me to stay home and continue working on my knitting (I've been like a crazy, yarn covered knitting machine since I totally procrastinated and left a lot to the last minute). I was pretty anxious to get what I had going done so I agreed and he left when he got off work around 4:30. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at about 6, thinking that Matt would be home any minute and he would wake me up. When I woke up at 8:30 and Matt still wasn't home! I called him and he said that he had to help his sister get her car out of 4-wheel drive. Well I'm not stupid so I knew that was total bull! I got really mad and made a big deal about how it has never taken anyone 4 hours to do what he was saying he did and that he better start telling the truth! I absolutely trust Matt fully, but the whole thing wasn't making the tiniest bit of sense. Of course, I didn't even think for a second that he might have been shopping for Christmas gifts because we agreed not to buy each other anything. I automatically thought he had rear-ended someone and didn't want to tell me!
     Matt felt so bad and overwhelmed with questions when he got home that he folded and said he was picking up Christmas surprises. I felt like the biggest a-hole on earth! After he told me it was for Christmas he got really excited and said that he was just going to give them to me now! I obviously didn't object because now I was super excited too! hahaha:)
     He ran downstairs and came back and told me to close my eyes. When I opened then there was a router sitting in my lap. The funny thing about that is I was truly excited because we really needed a new router! hahaha. Then he pulled a box through the front door with a new laptop in it!!!!!! I was seriously so excited I could have peed. Immediately after I saw it he brought in a printer/photo printer! I was like jumping I was so excited. THEN he took out of his coat pocket...... JULIE AND JULIA!!! I literally screamed at this point.
     It was like the best surprise ever because I was not expecting it at all, not even a little tiny bit. I felt like such a jerk for getting so mad. I feel like an even bigger jerk because I thought when we said we weren't getting each other presents we really meant it so I haven't even thought of anything to get him.... I felt so guilty for getting snappy with him when he was out doing all of this for me that I completely burst into full on sobs. LOL! Couldn't he have just said he got stuck in terrible traffic? Men...

Now that I got that long story out of the way I'll tell you about the rest of our fabulous weekend:) After all the surprises and after playing around on my new, 18" screen, AMAZING laptop and printing out photos on the best printer ever (seriously the quality of the photos is better than when I order them off Snapfish or have them printed at Walgreens!) we got cozy in bed and watched Julie and Julia. It was even more wonderful than it was in the theatre. I honestly think that movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It is just delightful. I can't think of another word that describes it better. I'm sure you've all seen it but if you haven't drop what you're doing right now and run to go rent it! You wont be sorry:)

I think my favorite thing about this movie is the relationship between Julia and Paul Child. I am always fascinated by couples that are so happy and romantic throughout their entire married lives. What could be more wonderful in life than having years and years of a blissful, loving, wonderful marriage. I hope Matt and I will adore each other always like Julia and Paul adored one another. I read somewhere that they really, truly were like that. Neither of them were the least bit attractive, they looked so funny together, and yet when I look at these pictures I want us to be just like them, ya know? I want everyone Matt and I meet to automatically assume that we are newlyweds 20, 30, 50 years from now.

So Friday was just wonderful and Saturday was possibly even better. We lounged around and napped all day. Saturday evening we got all dressed up and went to see the most beautiful Christmas play I've ever been privileged enough to see! Matt surprised me with tickets a couple weeks ago (he loves his little surprises!) and I could not have imagined how great it would be. The lights, the story, the singing all of it was just over-the-top amazing. It was at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento. The play was called The Singing Christmas Tree: A Merry Olde Christmas!  Our seats were right in the front and center! I really think I have the best husband in the world.... right after Paul Child that is:) Best weekend ever!


  1. Oh that is so sweet! Don't feel bad I would have done the same thing if it was me! :) You are blessed girl!

  2. I'm so happy you loved your surprises. Ashley, I swear you hate surprises as much as Matt loves them! You're going to have to learn to love them if you want to be with Matt. He's such a big, huggy teddy bear. Always has been. You guys make a perfect couple. Love, Mona

  3. pk @ Room Remix
    What an awesome Christmas surprise! Thanks for sharing the story, too. It was fun to read. Can't wait to see what you make with the router! :-)

  4. Can't wait to get this movie...You are a lucky lady to have such a super husband and believe me we've all had situations like yours!!! You are the best, love your honesty and wanted to wish you a big Merry
    looks like its already begun!!

  5. How nice it is to be able to say 'it was the best weekend ever'.