Sunday, December 6, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things:)

So I finally got my house decorated a few days ago! These are some of my favorite little things that I've accumulated and, of course, below is our very first Christmas tree! We had so much fun decorating it. We listened to Christmas music, strung popcorn and had hot chocolate. We are probably the dorkiest couple on earth, but we have fun being dorky:) I hope you enjoy looking at our Christmas cheer as much as we do!
(Above is the little countdown that Mona got me the other day! Isn't it super vintage looking and adorable?

I wanted to make a tree that was very old fashioned. I think the handmade ornaments, popcorn and candy canes give it that simplistic look and the balls add a bit of elegance.

I got the pattern for these partridge ornaments at Connecting Threads website. They're like a pretty quilt for your tree in the shape of birds! I've gone slightly bird crazy this year. I love birds. Matt and I made them together. They were super fun and easy and cheap!

We got these pearl lights at Target! Aren't they so pretty? I love them because they look like pearls and then they are big and pretty when they are lit!

I was going to make a tree skirt but I found this one at Joanne's so I just got it because whatever I would have made wouldn't have been this perfect under our tree. I love it because it's knitted. 

Like I said... Total dorks!

So far Oliver has been really good about not getting too crazy with the tree. He likes to knock down the birds on the bottom and play with them but that's okay with me because he's just too cute to get mad at:)

This is my little snowman that my Aunt Bev (I call her Granny) gave me a couple of years ago:) I love his rosy checks and his scarf! So darling!

I got Matt this ornament/magnet last year for Christmas. We put a picture of us in a car in there so it looks realistic haha. 

 Remember these felt snowflake ornaments I got a while ago? They ended up being way too big for the tree so I just put some of them in frames to dress up the wall for winter. I thought they looked cute like this but I dunno...

I got a bag of cinnamon scented pine cones at Raley's and Matt sprayed them silver. I was going to hang them on the tree but I didn't like the way they looked so I put them in the center of our table. They smell so so yummy:)

I found this at Hallmark for Matt a couple years ago. Isn't it just precious? I love it snow much:)


  1. Everything look so cute in your house! I love that you admit to being dorky. I am probably the dorkiest person I know but dorky is wonderful!

  2. Ash- I love your decorations! You've got really cute taste, and I especially love the snowflakes in the frames. Yay for Christmas!!

  3. Your home is so adorable! Love Everything!!