Friday, December 11, 2009

One Wreath, Two Ornaments and a Patridge in a Pear Tree

The beautiful and wonderful Sara at Poppy in Love found this gorgeous wreath from KnocKnocking's Etsy shop. She posted about how she wanted to make one with her own flare. I loved it so much that I totally stole her idea and made one to hang in our home this Christmas. I know, I know I hate people like me that steal good ideas... But, isn't that kind of what the whole blog world is about? :) Anyways, I wanted to keep it pretty similar because the original is just simply stunning. The only thing I did differently was use more traditional Christmas colors and just use my own stuff I found to decorate the left side. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It was really easy to do and ended up only costing like $25 dollars in supplies. I had a lot of the stuff so all I really needed were some fun Christmasy balls and leaves, the styrofoam wreath and this pretty bird I found at Target for like $4! I hope you like!

I just wrapped the foam wreath in yarns I liked. I'm not going to lie. This took like 3 hours lol.

I made all roses for the flowers. I used felted fabric, velvet and a little silk for the flowers and some of the leaves.

I had been searching forever for some special ornaments for us and Oliver:) I wanted a first ornament for our new little addition and I also wanted an ornament to represent our first Christmas as a married couple. I found these at the wonderful place I told you about, William Glen! Both of these ornaments are absolutely perfect! I love the little kitty because he totally looks just like Oliver! The bride and groom swans were my favorite thing in the store. I HAD to have them! I was so excited! I've gone slightly bird crazy this year. I love birds!


  1. Ashley, ok, I don't just want one of those beautiful wreaths, I NEED ONE! I'm not kidding. Pretty sure it's essential to my happiness now. (Oh dear, I sound like my mom now. Oh well, could be worse) I love, love, love the ornaments. The cat ornament looks just like Oliver. I just love everything you do! Love, Mona

  2. that's totally what a blog is about! you're too cute. i'm so glad that you did it! i haven't even started one yet. so sad. it's totally inspiring to see how well yours turned out. you are such a talented little lady! thanks for the shout out. you're a doll. i love all of your cute decorations, by the by.

  3. Amazing! That wreath is gorgeous! You are so talented.

  4. Love your wreath!! It's beautiful!! Your ornaments are perfect too!!