Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hidden In My Closet...

I was cleaning out the top shelf of my closet last night and I found a so many things I completely and totally forgot about (I'm sure my mom is going to groan and role her eyes when she reads this, hehehe)! I found a few articles of clothing that I had been looking for forever, of course. And, I found this really awesome bag I bought from a thrift store forever ago! It is such a fun purse; I can't believe I forgot about it! The best part is  inside it was this really pretty antique necklace that I've never even worn! They were great finds then and they're great finds now:) Yeah, my closet is pretty bad... That's what happens when you have limited space and a ton of crap.
Oh, and I found this other cool necklace not in my closet, but at Forever 21:) It looks very antique to me. It was $5. Gotta love that Forever 21 and their insanely low prices! I find myself going in there more for accessories than for clothing nowadays... Is it just me or am I getting a little too old for their clothes? Oh well, you're never too old for cheap costume jewelry!
Hope everyone is having a beautiful week!
Time for spring cleaning!


  1. I know right BUT I can't get motivated enough to clean!!! {must shut off computer and go clean - family coming in 2 days - MUST GO CLEAN!}... we'll see.

    Love the pinky necklace!! So pretty!!! You have a good week too deary!

  2. Oh no, you're like crazy Aunt Betty who finds things she's hidden years later (oh wait, that's me). I love the purse! I call it when you get tired of it. (am I too old for it?) Love you, Mona

  3. Seriously, if you ever need any help cleaning out your closet, ahem, I'd gladly take that junk off your hands!
    Nice blog...I'll be back!

  4. I just popped over from Screaming Meme. Wow! What a beautiful blog you have. I will be checking back in!

  5. What an excellent beautiful blog full of character and personality! I love it! Glad I found you! :) xoxo Tam

  6. Ashley, I'm glad you found those things in your closet and yes, you know me so well ( I did roll my eyes alittle) LOL I really love the neckless you found at forever 21! It does look antique. I love you and miss you.
    Love your Momma

  7. HA! If your to old for their clothes- I'm in trouble! ;) Well I don't buy a TON of stuff but usually some really great trendy tops. Love the jewelry too! The purse looks like so much fun!!!

  8. Beautiful finds. My closet is similar. Who knows what is hiding in there:) Have a wonderful Easter weekend Ashley.