Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lazy Thursday...

This is happening in my sink right now... I know, disgusting right? I have the energy to snap a photo of it but not to clean it up hehehe. It really isn't even that much. Ugh, I should just do it... *sigh*. I have been feeling so lethargic lately. Maybe it's these horrific allergies I've got goin' on. Why is is that allergy meds never work? 
What I'd really like to do is take a nap with this guy... :)
I still have four hours before I have to work.... Yep, a nap it is! Goodnight!

Oh, before I forget! Are any of you into American Idol?? I LOVE it! It's really good this year too! Well, if you are interested in joining an American Idol fantasy pool then you should check out our little game we got going on! Our friends Laura and Adam told us they really wanted to get a pool going. Of course, Matt got all into it and took over and made a huge game out of it. Sorry Laura! It's actually really cool though because it's based on a point system so you have a chance of winning even if you didn't guess the right winner!! If you are interested, we just started it up on a blog:

Okay, goodnight for reals now!! :)


  1. I love AI.. have watched every season.. good or bad! MY SINK looks just like yours, and here I am commenting. I even have the same plastic yellow cups. I am a new follower.. you are gorgeous, you make me miss being blonde!!!! I would love for you to follow me at Enjoy your nap!

  2. I love AI too! So much! I can't wait to watch tonight..I DVRed it...I have a track meet tonight..:) My sink is like that too...My son said he would do it for me if I filled up his gas tank...hmmm? lol

  3. I'm feeling your pain! I hate to do dishes...ugh! Hope you get some of your energy back soon.

  4. Opps...almost forgot tpo answer your question. Layla from the Lettered Cottage gave them to me.

  5. I'm suppose to be making another dozen cupcakes... but want to sleep instead! :)
    your sink looks very much like mine does,
    A nap will bring back the energy to get it done!!
    for me it'd also be a grande latte.

  6. Ashley,
    Just found your blog on Artsy Mama. The name intrigued me, so I came over! So glad I did!!! Your blog is aDORable-fun and fresh and your knitting is gorgeous. The pics of you and your hubby-so so fun. I am celebrating 25 years this summer. It only gets better!

  7. It seems easier to face a sinkful of dirty dishes when they are cheerful and pretty dishes like yours!

  8. Your sink looks like mine does right now :) BUT oh! how I love it to be clean so I better hop to! I totally love AI this season - I like Andrew Garcia!!! Lee, the girl w/ red short hair (I forget her name) oh! and the girl who Simon calls "a funny little thing" I like her too! Hope you get out of your funk - I know how that goes - toodles, The Lady