Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Came, I Fell, I Conquered:)

Wow, it feels like forever since I've done a blog post! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I know I did! It was a relaxing weekend spent mostly outdoors in the gorgeous weather we've been having. On Friday my best friend and ex roommate, Andrea came to Davis to spend the day. She lives in Chico now and we don't get to see one another nearly enough:( She is graduating from Chico State in May (lucky girl) so I snapped some photos of her while she was here to send out with her announcements. Isn't she beautiful?! I think she has the most stunning eyes and smile. I think the little photo shoot turned out pretty well!
We went to Ikeda's Market today, which is right by our new church (one of the perks)! This was the first place I ever ate in Davis and it remains one of my absolute favorite places to go. They have the absolute BEST homemade tamales on Earth! You haven't lived until you've had a pineapple raisin tamale. Oh my good Lord they are sooooo delicious! They have the best salsas too. Mango spread, veggie spread, peach salsa and their regular tomato salsa are my favs! Yummy yummy:)
We took some dried mango and apple with us and went for a long walk at the Davis Arboretum just a couple blocks from our apartment. Andrea and I took her pictures there on Friday. I took some pictures of it today because now that Spring has arrived it is absolutely beautiful there... It extends over 100 acres and there are over 4.000 species of trees and plants. We are so lucky to be so close:)
This is the part called "Redwood Forest."
The bike paths and creek that runs through are lined with flowering plants and there are tons of pretty little bridges. I just love it.
We walked and then stopped to snack and lay in the grass. We laid there for hours reading and enjoying the sun. There are tons of ducks all around. They are so cute...
This little duck couple was hanging out right by us. They were napping most of the time:) So darling!
Then Matt had to draw the male's attention with our snacks, of course, and he got WAY too close to me! Look how scary he is!!! 
On our way back I had to snap a picture of this statue cause I think it's so funny, and it actually turned out to be prophetic because...
I fell right before going up the stairs to our apartment.... Like tripped over my own feet, dramatically tried to regain my balance, failed horribly in front of a ton of people (there's a restaurant in front of our staircase) and hurt myself pretty badly fell. Yeah, it was the worst... 
Well, it was almost a perfect weekend:) What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oooh, your poor foot. Hope it gets to feeling better. The pictures you took of your girlfriend are beautiful. Not hard to do when the subject is so pretty. Looks like you had a beautiful weekend. Spring is fooling us here in the Midwest. We had a bad snow storm on Friday but today it has almost melted and was beautiful today! So jealous of your fabulous farmer's market. The food looks heavenly!

  2. OMG Ashley, your poor foot, lol. I just can't help but to laugh though. You know me. :) The pictures you took of Andrea is so beautiful. You are such a good photographer! Wow! What a beautiful area you and Matt have by your apartment! I really want to go there while the flowers are so pretty. I love all the little bridges too! Those pictures of you and Matt are so good! You are so gorgeous. I love you much

  3. Andrea looks so beautiful in her photos! Congratulations Andrea on your college graduation. So many years of work. You should be so proud. The pictures of you and Matt are so sweet. Did Matt do the bandaging of your foot? He's really good with cuts and boo-boos, just like Dan. Take care of yourself. Love, Mona

  4. Poor thing! Hope it doesn't hurt to much! LOVE the photos of you and your hubby. Such a great idea!!

  5. It really does look like the *almost* perfect weekend! Your poor little foot, I hope it heals up real quick for you!

  6. ooooooh that foot! Perty friend - nice pics! Cute ones of you and your hubby too! The market looks so fun! & yes. the duck was scary!

  7. Ouch! I hope your foot gets better soon! (will say a prayer for you!) You took some great photos! Your friend is so photogenic, as are you! The arboretum looks amazing! And those photos of the market & descriptions of the tamales and salsas are making me hungry! (Am going to have to break from blogging for a quick snack!) Hubby & I had a fun weekend; then Sunday it snowed again here in Texas! On the 2nd day of Spring!!! Oh, well! You gotta love it! Have a blessed evening! Patti in Texas

  8. ouch Ashley!!! love the pic of your pretty..You can take my picture anytime...blessings, Jennifer

  9. Love your photos, particularly the bridge and the ducks! Sorry about your foot, but glad I found your blog! I'll be back! LaurieAnna

  10. So sorry to hear about your foot - that's NEVER fun! : ( Had to do a little Chico shout out! I went there - loved every minute! I love seeing all of your photos of Nor Cal - I miss it!!