Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't Doubt The Sprout!

Against all odds, our seeds have begun to sprout. I feel like a small child about it.. You know, like when you grow grass in kindergarten? :) Our tomato seedlings have been transfered to a slightly larger container, and the only seeds that have yet to spring up are my begonias. They should be up in another week or so! My spirits have risen concerning out little garden.... It looks like our patio may get a new nickname after all. 
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend:)


  1. so delightful and fun! I share your excitement! ... And I just love your vintage pretties shown earlier. Thanks so very much for your sweet comment you left on my mini cupcake pincushions. I really appreciate it. You have a beautiful blog and I have returned your follow. until later...