Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picnic Day And A Wet Kitty

Matt and I had a great weekend. Saturday was Picnic Day here in Davis. I'm not exactly sure where the name comes from, but it is basically just a day of celebration and activities in the town. Over 50,000 people from out of town come to visit! As you can imagine, it was pretty intense especially around our downtown apartment. We had some friends come and Matt made some extremely delicious sangria:) The parade went right in front of our apartment so I got pictures from the street and our balcony. It was a lot of fun!
My favorite thing about Davis is that it has a little of everything. It has the distinct small farm town feeling of where I grew up, but it also has the rich diversity and life of a larger city. Although it is largely a college town, it really has much more to offer than just the university... There is so much culture and prettiness everywhere. I hope these pictures will give you a pretty good depiction of what I mean:)
When I woke up Sunday morning I saw this:) I definitely didn't write it. I'm not sure who did, but whoever it was has some pretty amazing letter writing skills!! Keshnee, was it you? ;)

Today I only had to work a few hours in the early morning and then I had to run a few errands. I was back before noon, and I was all ready to crawl back into bed and read more of my book. It was raining and thundering really badly. Perfect suspenseful crime novel weather! When I walked into my bedroom Oliver was sitting on our bed... I picked him up annnndddd (drum role please) there was poop smeared all over our bed and all over him!!!!  UGH! He didn't seem like he felt sick, but clearly it wasn't his best day. He made it to the liter box at least, but his bad-time poop stayed on him. Poor little guy:) Between Oliver and Kiddo I'm getting a pretty clear idea of how much bad smelling situations I'm going to have to deal with when and if I'm ever a mother. I give all moms major kudos for all the poop cleaning up that you are subjected to. It's a mighty dirty job. 
The inevitable happened and I was forced to give Oliver his first bath.
 It was pretty awful for both of us. He, like most cats, doesn't care too much for water. I, like most people, do not care too much for screaming and clawing. The clawing wasn't as severe as it could have been. I think he knew I wasn't trying to hurt him. Poor little guy was just miserable. We got through it though:) Oliver has never looked so fluffy or felt so soft. Maybe we'll make this happen more often, but probably not.


  1. Poor little Oliver, bless his heart. He's so sweet!
    Yes, you are definantly being prepared for what's to come when you have kids!! You are going to be a wonderful Mommy! I can't wait!
    Wow, those pictures of the picnic day is so good. Looks like a very fun time! I want to be there for that next year. Love you

  2. So was the screaming and clawing from you? Let me tell you if I saw poop on my bed I would have screamed. Poor guy with his bad belly I hope he is better!

    The picnic day sounds like it was a lot of fun and the weather looked gorgeous! Looks like you don't have a fear of clowns!

  3. Hi Ash! You did a great job with your pictures showing the diversity of Davis. Picnic Day looked fun and interesting! Loved the PD picture of Katie and Keshnee napping on facebook. Yeah, poop is sort of a constant in a mom's life. Kids, pets, parents (yeah you forgot that one). I know I've been there. I'm counting down to Disneyland for you guys You will have a blast! I saw Jessie and she said you better look them up. Love, Mona

  4. Looks like you had fun at Picnic Day! When we lived in California, I thought Davis was a cute little town! It feels like a small little town, but yet has a city feel too like you said (at least that's how I viewed it from my 10-11 year old eyes!) :)

    Your poor little kitty, seems like it was a dramatic bath for the both of you! Glad you made it through:)

  5. I love small town celebrations like that! Sounds like a fun day...

  6. What fun pics deary! And yes, giving cats a bath is zero fun!

  7. All I gotta say is, awwwwwwwwwwww.
    California looks like a great place to live! Are you from there?

  8. Your photos do a fantastic job of capturing your day. I give you major credit for bathing a cat! Wow- I can't even imagine :) Little Oliver is still such a dashing little feline-- wet fur and all!