Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a great time spending the weekend at my parent's. My brother and Amy were there, which made it extra fun:) My mom hid eggs for us to hunt and my dad made a riddle to solve for the golden egg hehehe. It was hilarious! It was actually really hard to figure out, but we all eventually did and I was by far the best at it! My parents came to Davis yesterday too and we had a great time. I wish they lived closer. Two hours isn't that far, but sometimes it seems like it is. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the fun...
Did everyone else have a great weekend? How did you celebrate Easter?


  1. such gorgeous photos! :)

  2. Your family time looks like it was so much fun! It is such a blessing to be related to people that you actually like. ha ha I'm glad that you had fun.
    Our family went to our very good friends house for dinner. It was so much fun, because THEY are so much fun!
    Happy Spring,

  3. Your weekend looks wonderful!!! We had a great Easter weekend too.... egg hunts and baskets.... and glorious weather!

  4. I loved having all my family home for Easter!! It was a blast watching yall look for Easter eggs and solve the riddle to get the golden egg! (and yes, you was by far the best at solving the riddle lol) and you did find that last hidden egg even though Matt swears that I showed you where it was. LOL
    He's so funny.
    Love you, Mom