Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Hill

Yesterday my mom, Matt and I went to our favorite fall spot Apple Hill! It's located in Camino, California which is just north of Placerville. Since I have met Matt we have gone to Apple Hill every year in October. There are more than 50 ranches with absolutely everything apple that you can imagine! There are tons of crafts, bakeries, fudge factories, wineries and an assortment of different fun activities. I love going. It's the perfect autumn getaway. Surprisingly we didn't have any apple pie, but we did have apple cream cheese tarts, apple donuts, apple wine, apple juice, hot apple cider and apple cider milkshakes. I'm a bit appled out today...

The apple orchards are so beautiful. The leaves aren't quite changing yet, so we'll have to come back in a few weeks:)

Our favorite delicious Apple Hill treat, apple cream cheese tarts!

My funny hubby and his apple juice.

I thought these apple boxes looked so cool.

Isn't this old stove awesome?!

Isn't my mom gorgeous? People always think we're sisters:)

So hilarious.

Honey sticks... YUM

Matt acting like a manly man.

Matt acting like a girly girl.

This was one of the cider mills.

I thought this little guy was so darling! The man who makes these guys was so nice and clearly extremely talented. Check out all his work here.

We got these two handmade magnets. I like their little funny faces:)

Matt & Ashley: two peas in a pod! (I liked how the sign said Free Personalization, which really meant they wrote on them with sharpies:)

I love the funny signs. These are just a few of our favs this year.

How's your cider momma?

We hope to see you again soon Apple Hill! You bring us so many good times and full bellies!


  1. Wow, Apple Hill looks like a sweet little piece of heaven! ...and so do those apple cream cheese tarts! What a great tradition to have. Congratulations on your newlywed-ness! You make a very lovely and charming couple! The pictures on your blog are just beautiful. I'm a follower now. Enjoy your week! ~Gretchen

  2. Apple Hill looks like a little picece of Heaven on Earth :) This is my favorite time of year... I'm such a sucker for pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon, and crunchy, colorful leaves. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aw, it looks like you guys had so much fun! I wish I could have made it. You and Matt really are two peas in a pod. And I would kill for one of those apple cream cheese tarts. Did you taste the apple wine? I've always wanted to. I'm glad you had so much fun with your mom. Love Mona