Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coffee Table Makeover & Making The Best of What You Have

These adorable wooden pumpkins were a gift from my wonderful Aunt Bev who I call Granny. Add a couple books about autumn, gifts from my mother-in-law Mona, a spiced cider-scented candle and my little bird friend and you have a pleasant little seasonal scene!

After a little decorating I tortured myself by visiting my favorite website of lust, anthropologie.com. Why do I always find myself drooling over their beautiful things? Why don't I just skip going into the store when I'm near one and visiting their website? Because their stuff is the most wonderful, awesome and gorgeous stuff around, that's why! After almost an hour of browsing I was feeling pretty sorry for myself because of course I can't afford $200 for a cardigan or $600 for a purse.. Suddenly I had a revelation! I had bookmarked my favorite stuff and as I was looking at them again to see if we could squeeze in one of these items into our budget next month (keep dreaming Ashley!) when it hit me. I could totally make ALL of this stuff!!! I'm going to do it. I'm going to get crafty and thrifty and share what I do with all of you so look for it soon:) Here's all my bookmarked items and my ideas for making my cheap versions!

Isn't this sooo cute?! I'm going to go to Target or a thrift store or something and find a nicely fitting cardigan. I am going to tailor the bottom and the arms to resemble Anthropologie's and get some fabric or a scarf to add this beautiful detail along the neck. I bunch of big buttons at the bottom and it will look pretty neat, don't you think?

This would be so easy to replicate. I'll be keeping my eyes open for a plain yellow scarf. I think it would be pretty easy to find knitted flower patterns and I have yarns in similar colors. Wouldn't this be a cute Thanksgiving day scarf?

I LOVE this lamp!! I'm going to talk to Matt about this one, but I'm sure we could find something to cut some thrift store teacups and teapots and some super-glue to secure them together and attach them to one of our old lamps. This would be really cute with teacups with yellow flowers on them!

Again, I'll have to talk to Matt but I think we could pull this off too! Wouldn't this be absolutely amazing in our kitchen? :D

 I want to find a navy wrap cardigan or sweater dress and add some ruffle to the neckline. Some embroidery stitches in the front and knitting daisies attached and violĂ ! I think this is so pretty.

Now that I have learned to embroidery I want to take on some beautiful kitchen towels like these darling ones. I could find some subtle paisley-patterned fabric and sew some towels with hooks and hang them on my rolling-pin hanger!

I can't wait to get started! Anyone else have any other good ideas for cute stuff that can be reinvented for cheaper?


  1. I love your table with the wooden pumpkins Granny gave you! I can't wait to see your version of all those things. How fun! I love the lamp and the yellow scarf with the knitted flowers. I know yours will be just as gorgeous!!

  2. That teacup lamp is stinkin' adorable!! I love it! I hope you do re-create it because it's amazing!

  3. Hi Ashley ,so grateful when you stop in!!!Your pictures are so amazing..love the incredible
    woodlands pics..crazy beautiful!!

  4. Those are fabulous ideas. I love the scarf in the buttonholes or whatever the holes are!

  5. I nominated you for a Kreativ blogger award!! Check out my blog for details :)

  6. I went to Anthro yesterday and I always feel the same way. I can't afford any of this stuff, but it just makes me happy to look around non-the-less. If you figure out how to make any of it let me know. I'll jump on that train:)