Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Little Pickle Machine

Yesterday was a fun day! Matt and I decided Saturday was the day to make our pickles! We're a little late in the season, but ya know, better late than never! We got our pickling cucumbers at Farmer's Market, Nugget Market and the Davis Food Co-op. We got the rest of the ingredients at Whole Foods. It was a pretty crazy scavenger hunt trying to find everything. We made a quick (actually not very quick...) stop at the mall so I could buy some shoes and stuff :) I love getting new winter shoes! After that we went to Mona and Dan's to start the pickle frenzy. Matt did 90% of the work. We are doing gift baskets for Christmas and I made the jam over the summer and I've been knitting dishcloths for months so I thought I'd let him do it so it was from both of us. He did such a great job! I love how enthusiastic Matt is about stuff that most guys would hate. I guess that's why we're perfect for each other! We can't try them for another 6-8 weeks, but it's going to be totally worth it. We have 26 jars!! We used two different recipes; one from Emeril that you can find here, and one from Martha that you can find here. What did you all do this weekend?

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  1. omigoodness! you are totally amazing. i want to make my own pickles! that's so great! they look wonderful. i've been eating so many pickles lately, too. how funny! you guys are just darling. you're perfect. :)