Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Banner!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to get some feedback on my new banner! Is it better than my old one? Should I take off the little pictures and just go with the yarn background? Any criticism would be very much appreciated!
 I'm not to savvy with Photoshop so I had my lovely husband put it together for me. When I was showing him the pictures I wanted and describing to him where I wanted them he said, "Okay, let me sketch out what I think you're saying." And, here is his oh so very accurate sketch....

Hahaha! Rude! :)


  1. I love it! Oh and the poop thing is funny. Poop is always funny!

  2. Hi Ash, My boys subscribe to Elise's (above) theory. Poop is always funny. And they're right. So classic Matt. I love the new header. It tells a short story of you. I love, love, loved the old header, but you gotta move on. Keep it fresh. You guys did a great job. Love, Mona

  3. I really love it! Mona's right, it tells a short story of you. Good job!

  4. I love it as is with the little pictures added. I think it shows your love of knitting and your love of yellow! Very sweet! And your husband is so funny! Have a good weekend! Patti