Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shopping for Pretty Stuff:)

Earlier today I was giving myself a heavy dose of self-torture by admiring things I can't afford on Anthropologie's website. I decided to ditch the dream and go to Urban Outfitter's website and I was pleasantly surprised to find that presently I'm digging Urban's stuff way more! Hooray! Here are just a few things I found that I'm considering buying. Did you know that their things for your home are really affordable? Well they are!

I already have a really pretty shower curtain but I am obsessed with this one! I have to have it. I'll just save my current shower curtain for that very blessed day when I have more than one bathroom:)

What do you think of this? I thought it was really cute:) I don't really know where I'd put it though...

I want this to hang necklaces on:) It's purrrty! I love minty colors.

I love this pillow. I even love the colors, but they aren't quite right for my home so I want to make one like it. Has anyone seen a pattern for something like this? If so can you please tell me where I could find it? Thank you!

Okay, so Matt and I have been planning on buying a new bed ever since we got married. We found this great one that we love but we can only fit a queen into our apartment and I'd rather buy a king if we are going to buy a bed... I thought a great alternative until we have a bigger place would be to just get a frame and then buy a pretty headboard like this one, which would end up costing half of what we would spend on a new bed! I love this headboard. We could probably even make a cool one similar to it. Does anyone else think this is a good or bad idea? The only reason I have reservations about it is because one, I hate bed-skirts, and two, bed frames can make an already uncomfortable mattress even worse.... Any thoughts to help me out?


  1. Hi Ash! I swear we are so alike. We like all of the same things. I love, love, love the shower curtain. I want one and I don't even need one. Love the wall hook. So pretty. That picture thingy thing is alien-like. It would freak me out. The headboard is beautiful and I DEFINITELY think you (with the help of Matt and Dan's tools) could do it. I asked Dan to take some stuff out to the garage yesterday and he said, "tomorrow" and I threw a hissy fit and said "Ashley gets everything she wants done right away, and I'm old and patient and I always have to wait. I'm going to have to insist you do it tonight." It was done when I got home from the store. You know, I got much more done when Matt was here. Those were the days. You got my one patient handy child. Danny did cheer me on after my 5-minute workout today, though. See you soon, Love Mona

  2. Hey Ashley, further evidence we're twins separated at birth and 35 years. I just made a comment to win the hat on pink daisy's blog. Hope one of us wins. me

  3. I meant me, Mona, not me, I hope I win. That sounds rude.