Monday, January 4, 2010

Pillow Talk

The other night Matt and I cleaned out our hall closet, which was completely filled to the ceiling with boxes and tons of junk. We had to make room for more junk so we got rid of a bunch of it and consolidated boxes. I found so many treasures in there that I didn't know I even had. I had a box of awesome fabric that I had completely forgot about! I decided to makeover two existing throw pillows and make one brand new pillow:) I love pillows because they add so much to a room and they're so easy to make!

I covered a throw pillow that I already had on my couch with this new pillow cover I made. Aren't these fabrics to die for?! I'm so excited I found them! I think I might make a purse out of the scraps from these two fabrics as well. Ahh, I love you yellow...

I got this pillow at Target a while back. I liked the neutral color and the cool detail. I have, until now, been trying to keep our bedroom nice and plain and ungirlie. Matt said he doesn't care how girlie the house or our bedroom is so I've decided I'm girling it up all the way!

I got out a vintage doily and some old lace scraps that my grandma gave me and just super glued them on with my new awesome glue gun Mona got me for Christmas. It looks a hundred times better.

I made this one to add some color to the mix!
I was going to applique these little birds I cut out of one of Matt's t-shirts he never wears, but they didn't look right... I'm really terrible at applique. After I cut the birds off Matt said he thought the shirt looked better and he put it on for the day... It was really sexy:) See for yourself...


And after! Better right?

And to end today's post I'd like to show you some new photos of my baby cat:)

I took this of him last night while I was sewing the pillows. He stared at me like this the whole time I worked. He cracks me up with his cute little curious face:) He loves to watch his momma!


  1. Hello, I just popped over from Jane(posy) you have such a lovely blog, great cushions and such a cute kitty!

  2. Ash!! You are so creative it's ridiculous! I love the pillows that you transformed...Matt is such a lucky guy. And a double yay to the fact that outsiders are now reading your blog!!

  3. Love it! Your craftiness and style is so original-- impressive! Way to shop in your closet and jazz up the plain!

  4. Hi Ashley! I just love your pillow transformations! The yellow one is so you. When I saw the plain beige one, I thought, Ashley bought that? But you redid it into a beautiful romantic one. I think it's my favorite. The fact that you used your Grandma's lace and stuff makes it even better. And the calico pillow is so sweet. I like it much better all girlied up! Matt, that picture of you scares me :) and my sweet little Oliver is getting so big. I loved seeing the pictures of him. He's so cute. I miss him. Great job, Ashley. You are awesome! Mona

  5. Wow Ashley! I love your pillows! Great job! I agree with Mona, that picture of Matt scares me.LOL