Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Loving Even the Little Things

Way back in my first or second semester in college, I had a very wonderful Psychology professor that told us that the key to making a home a very peaceful and happy place is to love everything in it. She said to make sure you love even the littlest things right down to dishes and towels. I never forgot that. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love pretty stuff I'm not crazy materialistic or anything. I definitely know that loving your knick-knacks isn't the key to peace and happiness in your home, but I've always thought that it couldn't hurt:) Anyways, it stuck with me and now I try to only put out things I really love. Most of the things I love the most are gifts from others. They are little tokens of affection from the people I hold dearest, and when I see them they remind me of that person and how it made me feel when I received them. Here are just a few little things I love.

This was our engagement album AND our guestbook for our wedding. Isn't that the coolest idea? It's such a perfect coffee table book. I love looking through it and reading what people wrote.

My mother-in-law gave me these two pretty yellow bowls and this wire basket. I have them all on top of my fridge just because I love the way they look together:) There's nothing quite as happy as yellow stuff full of oranges from your grandma's tree!

I think just about everyone with a flare for vintage or who is over 50 has this somewhere. My grandma and my old roommate both had the exact same one and I always admired them. Before we were even together, when we were just friends, Matt gave this to me for Valentine's Day because he knew how much I would love it.

I know I've already made a post about this floating bookshelf that Matt made, but yesterday Poppytalk had the same ones and they had little yellow cups on them so I put a little yellow cup on our's! See their version below.

I think Matt should make a couple more!

This is one of my absolute favorite things. This was another gift from Matt. It's pretty old; I think from the early 50's. I just love it so much.

This was my great-grandmother's. My Memaw gave it to my mom and my mom recently gave it to me. It's a clock and a lamp and it is so gorgeous. I love it so much and I am so proud of it every time I look at it. Doesn't it totally look like something awesome from Anthropologie?

Both of the above were gifts from my mother-in-law. I love that pretty jewelry box, and doesn't every newlywed couple need a "Do Not Disturb" sign? I think little touches like this are darling.

My momma got me this while we were antique shopping one day and I think I will keep it for the rest of my life. It is so pretty. I love the color of the leaves and obviously I am quite the fan of yellow roses. I think this whole post may prove that I fall in love with just about anything that has flowers and/or yellow on it:)

This is such a cute story:) So while we were engaged Matt and I were out and about when I saw this bracelet in an antique shop. I wanted it really bad but it was really pricey so I decided it would be wasteful. At this particular shop everything in the store is 50% off on Superbowl Sunday so all the women can come spend their husbands' money while they are watching the game:) Clever huh? Of course I was living 2 hours away and had to work the Superbowl night so I had no idea Matt missed some of the game just to go buy this for me. It had been such a long time since we had seen the bracelet so I don't know how he remembered it.... But, that's why I married him! He is so sweet and thoughtful sometimes I can't even believe it. He gave it to me on Valentine's Day last year. I couldn't seem to get a photo that does it justice... It is really beautiful in person:)

And last but not least is our wedding invitation. I looked at hundreds and hundreds and these were the only ones that we both loved. I especially like the love birds:) I think every married couple should have their invitations somewhere in their home. I will always have ours out as a reminder of the excitement of that time in our lives!

What special little things do you love that make where you live home?


  1. I love all your pretty little things. That corner with the shelves and the cups on top...adorable. My favorite things in my house...hmmm probably paintings I've done scattered here and there, pictures of loved ones that make me warm inside:)

  2. Oh no dudeski, I am from the early 50's. I guess that makes me "very old";), which I do feel like after being on my feet two days in a row at the Paw. They've got an applique class coming up in March. Are you interested? You said you wanted to learn. I can totally see you there. I love, love, love your whole apartment. You have such a great eye. I miss you guys. Love, Mona

  3. All your favourite objects are so pretty. I think you're right to have them on display where they can give you a lift everytime you see them!