Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Couple of Mushy Valentines

I can honestly say that this has been my best Valentine's Day ever:) We both kept it simple. Simple is always sweetest... 
I woke up this morning and had the yummiest breakfast made by my honey, banana nutella crepes with whip
cream. Sooooo good!            
After I got the prettiest card I've ever seen. Inside was a wonderful little surprise... He got me a subscription to two of my very favorite magazines, Real Simple & House Beautiful. I didn't have subscriptions to any magazines so this is such a great treat. I would have never even thought to ask for that. 
He bought a couple of bouquets of flowers and used only the ones he knew I'd love the most to make this lovely, lovely, lovely arrangement. He bought this darling carafe to use as a vase! The whole thing screams me:) 
I have the perfect husband.
Is there anything happier or more delightful than yellow roses? I could smell and stare at these forever...
He even put the extra flowers in another carafe on our kitchen window sill.... With all these flowers and the rose my dad gave me it smells and looks amazing in here!
Since we were trying to do simple and inexpensive gifts (we're saving for some projects) I couldn't really think of what to give him. I decided to go with a book he has been really wanting to read called Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives by David Eagleman. I also found this cute little novelty gift:) It is called How I Love You, a journal of my affection. It is full of things like "When I first met you I thought you were..." and then it gives you space to write. It is long with 6 chapters and 90 pages filled with thoughtful questions. I thought it was perfect for Matt because nobody loves being doted on more than him! (Except me of course!)
Of course he loved his gifts as much as I loved mine. We spent the afternoon reading my little journal for him and eating conversation hearts. We went to the movies to see the most corny, sappy movie ever, Valentine's day. Sometimes you have to cave in and do things that are super lame and ultra cute:) 
Now I am sitting here blogging and watching one of the best sappy movies around, The Holiday while he makes me dinner. Have you seen it? I love this movie. I would hands down absolutely take Kate Winslet's cottage over Cameron Diaz's mansion, wouldn't you? It's the cutest house ever. I'll let you know how dinner goes later! 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. wow, looks and sounds like you had an amazing vday! banana nutella crepes sounds soo delicious right now! that journal is a really cute idea as well!!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful!! It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines Day!! Matt is pretty awesome. He's a pretty great son-in-law :) Love you both very much and miss you already.

  3. First off, adorable. Second, so glad you are now a part of the Real Simple is my FAVORITE!!! Third, I'm obsessed with the Holiday and agree with the cottage, but only if Jude Law is included ;) Can't wait to seeeeee youuuuuu!

  4. Sooo sweet:) I watch The Holiday purely for the setting. That cottage is to die for!