Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I just wanted to share a few little things I've picked up this last week. I am trying to finally get our bedroom in order. We're painting the walls, hanging stuff, I'm going to try to either find or make some new curtains, I want to make a headboard and I am hunting down some old night stands. I have some but they are just newer dark wood ones and I would really like some cool, mis-matching ones that are old and/or distressed:) I hate dark wood cause it shows dust way too much and I HATE to dust!
While we were home last week my mom gave me a bunch of cool stuff. I'll share some of it after it's hung, but one of the things she gave me was this teapot! I've seen teapots like this in antique stores and have always wanted to buy one but they are kinda pricey. This was my mom's mother's (my memaw). It is over 50 years old. Isn't it cool? I like to pretend there's a genie in there...
Matt and I went to my favorite antique store the other day and I found this little guy. I'm pretty sure this isn't an antique lol but it is still super cute:) I'm going to hang necklaces from it in the bedroom. 
Annnndddd (drum role please...) I found this amazing, gorgeous painting!!! I actually saw it a while back with Mona and didn't get it cause I'm dumb, but when it was still there I figured I was destined to have it. The woman said it was painted in France and she found it in a shop in Europe somewhere. I still need to find a frame for it. I think it is just so lovely. The colors are perfect for our bedroom. I'm really trying to go peaceful and serene. There is enough brightness and cheer with all the yellow, red and bright blue in the rest of the rooms. I think bedrooms should be calming and relaxing:)


  1. Ashley, I love the yellow teapot. I, too, imagine a genie flying out of it. It is so cool. And the fact that it was your Grandma's makes it so much more special. I think jewelry hanging from your little birdie will be so cute. And lastly, I call dibs on that gorgeous picture if you ever get tired of it! Yo mama-in-law
    P.S. Happy Ash Wednesday. Danny and I went to mass this morning and he work slacks and a tie. Awesome! What are you and Matt doing nice/giving up for Lent?

  2. I'm so glad you love the tea pot!! I really love your picture. Are you going to get antique frame for it?