Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Weighs Well

Did everyone have a fabulous weekend? I know I did! I'm not much for football so I went antique shoppin' with my mom-in-law during most of the game hehe. I didn't show up to the football party until 4th quarter. I was there for the chips and dip not the sports:)

Every time I see I kitchen scale I want it but I just have never bought one.. Yesterday I decided to go for it! Isn't it old and cute and fun?!
I also got four of these super darling retro plates! Hooray!

On Saturday I headed to San Francisco for my long-time friend Renee's bachelorette extravaganza! It was a  bunch of us girls who graduated high school together :) We had an absolute blast! The ultra lovely Laura was our charming hostess and man, can she throw a fun bash!! Below is a picture of Laura and myself and below that is Miss Renee the beautiful bride-to-be!

Speaking of weddings, yesterday was my parent's 29th wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! 29 years is quite an accomplishment. They were 18 and 19 years old when they tied the knot:) Aren't they cute? Gotta love the baby blue tux!
*Fun Fact: Matt's and my parents were both married the same year just a few months apart! Mona and Dan will be celebrating their 29th anniversary very soon as well! I think that's pretty neat. It's extremely rare for our generation's parents to still be married, and even rarer to have parents who have been happily married for nearly 30 years! How lucky Matt and I are to have such amazing examples.
P.S. I can't wait for Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Best weekend EVER!!! Can't wait to spend more time with you in just a few weeks!!

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