Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simple Things & Simple Food

One of the many, many things I absolutely adore about my husband is that he is an incredible cook. I love that he went to the store the other day and when I got home from work there were mason jars full water for the fresh herbs he bought:) It's just a simple little thing that I would never really think to do. He is just too cute.

Here's an example of his cuteness/weirdness.. When Matt told me he was going to his friend's super bowl party I asked if he was going to take anything. His response was, "I'm thinking about making some baklava." If that's not the most hilarious and random answer, I don't know what is. What guy thinks of baklava as super bowl food? Only my Matty...
Speaking of cooking, has anyone ever picked up this book by Alice Waters? My sister-in-law, Katie got it for me a while back. I have looked through it several times but only recently have I really tried learning from it. It's so great for beginners like me because it explains how to do everything from boiling an egg to how to stock your kitchen! I highly suggest it for any ladies who are trying to learn to make more than just tuna:) Especially those who can't cook who have husbands that work full time AND come home and make delicious dinners.... Bless his heart.. (as my mom would say)
Oh, and Oliver wanted to say hi!


  1. You are too cute. I just love this little blog of yours - I invite you to come see me over at herHousehold and I'll be back :) Love the story about your husband and the baklava - hysterical!

  2. Who would make baklava for a super bowl party? Only a super awesome Greek god like my Mattie. Danny says he doesn't think that's weird, that it would be the first thing to go. Guys just like good food. I love you both. Mona

  3. Awesome! Matt sounds like a great guy with great taste-- can't beat that :) Thanks for the book suggestion- I'll have to pick that up on my next Barnes and Noble visit.

  4. I agree - it's the first time I've heard of baklava for a super bowl party. :-) How nice that he loves to cook though! Thanks for the suggestion on the book. Have a good weekend.