Sunday, September 20, 2009

OMG Those Books are Floating!!

My husband found this bookshelf idea online and was so excited to try it. I'm not going to even attempt to take any credit for this because I haven't done anything at all. But, he's my sweetheart and it's in my house so I'm going to let him tell me how to tell you how to do this:) It looks so cool in our dinning room/computer room (thanks to the joys of apartment living). I mean you honestly can't tell how on earth these books are just hanging there! 
The website with the detailed instructions on how to make this bad boy is If you want the direct link to the bookshelf click here. Basically what he did was pick out a book that he didn't mind ruining to become the actual shelf for the other books. He got a flat L-bracket and screws from the hardware store. He hollowed out a portion of the inside of the book to accommodate the bracket. Matt then drilled two holes in the pages of the book and attached the bracket with three wooden screws. He pounded finishing nails through the pages to hold them together. He then glued the cover to the book, put weight on it and let it dry over night. All he did after that was hang it on the wall (make sure you put it into a stud) and stacked books on top! Super easy and really cool!


  1. Awesome, Matt! For two people who grew up helping their Dad in construction and who never wanted to work with tools, you and Danny sure have done a lot of carpentry stuff this summer. I love it! Mom

  2. This is so cool Matt, Good job!!