Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

A couple Saturdays ago Matt, Mona and I went to yard sales and antique shops. At one of the shops I found this awesome old rolling pin converted into a wall-mounted apron hook. You could probably hang a lot of things, but we'll use it for aprons:) Anyways, I lusted after it something terrible! The problem was I had already spent my treasure money elsewhere (on my frame fetish)... I was heartbroken. But, being the crafty lady I am, I decided that it wouldn't be hard to make my own and so yesterday I did just that! Well, actually Matt did most of the work because I'm terrible with tools.. I love, love, love the way it turned out!

All we did was chose a pretty, old rolling pin from Mona's collection (thank you Mona!) then cut off about a quarter of the width with a table saw. Next Matt marked the center on the cut side so he would know where to drill the holes for the knobs.  Then he used a 1/8" drill bit to drill two holes, equal distances from either end of the rolling pin. Each hole extended all the way through to the front of the rolling pin. Using a 3/4" routing drill bit he drilled roughly 1/4" deep holes on the rounded side for the knobs to sit in. We went to the hardware store and found wooden knobs that matched the wood of the rolling pin. Drilling from the cut side again, he widened the 1/8" hole to about 1/4" about 3/4 of the way towards the rounded side to accommodate the screws that held the knobs into place. With the knobs seated on the rounded side, the screws were inserted from the cut side and tightened. Before he placed the knobs I spray painted them, let them dry, then distressed them to make them appear as old as the rolling pin. To mount the finished rolling pin hanger on the wall Matt drilled an additional two holes on the cut side to hang from two wood screws in a stud on our kitchen wall.

The outcome was just adorable! It sounds like a lot of work, but it really just took a couple of hours and was well worth it.

Rolling pin with the back removed and holes for the screws to attach the knobs and for mounting on the wall.
Hole routed to mount knob flush and screw to secure knob, inserted from cut side.
Now all I need is to make our aprons!


  1. Just found your sweet blog from Brin's Messy Life....I will be checking here often!! Love, love, love your rolling pin project. Great job.

  2. OH my gosh, I just LOVE the finished project! I love the blue color you used on the knobs and the distressed finish. It's just too cute! Good job, you two. You're like Batman and Robin of the crafting world. Mona

  3. It is so nice to meet you Ashley!!! Your sweet AND gorgeous mother-in-law shared your site with me today and I am so glad that she did! You and everything that you are creating is just beautiful! May you have many many days of wedded bliss and may each day feel like a precious gift.

    Daisy Cottage

  4. Hi Ashley,

    I absolutely adore your rolling pin apron hook! You did an awesome job making your own! I have a ton of rolling pins and one of them is going to get a new look now ;)


  5. OK, that is just adorable. Unique and fun!!! I want one now!!!

  6. I absolutely love this! Now to see if I can get my husband to help me...

  7. How adorable! that is such a clever idea-i might have to steal it!!

  8. That is absolutely adorable!!! I have never seen anything like that and it's the cutest idea ever!