Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ladies Day Out! Well, Ladies Plus Matt... ;)

Living in a new town has been a bit hard at times. Don't misunderstand, I love Davis and I love my new life with my husband. Davis isn't exactly a long travel to my parents, Matt's parents and our closest friends, but it is far enough that I feel slightly isolated from the world. So, when my mom, my two gorgeous aunts and cousins came to visit us I couldn't have been more excited. They've came before, but having them all there together was a special treat. So there we were, 6 ladies and my Matty. What a lucky guy he was:) We showed off downtown and ate at Burgers and Brew, our favorite stop for garden burgers! Yum! I took them all to my favorite greenbelt for a walk.. It was a perfect day, and I can't wait for them to all come back.

My Aunt Brenda was there too, but she hates being in pictures:)

We found this street on the greenbelt. It said Florinda but Matt fixed it:) My mom's name is spelled Lorenda, but ya know, close enough.

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