Friday, September 11, 2009

The Prettiest Disgusting Cake in the World!

So Matt spotted this recipe from Omnomicon and we really wanted to try it! It was a low fat, low sugar rainbow cake that used clear diet soda in place of butter and eggs, and sugar free instant pudding and light cool whip in place of frosting. You use food coloring to make the cake look like a rainbow! I must tell you I was so excited to try this out. In my mind I was imagining what angel food cake and whip cream frosting taste like... Here's the thing. This cake tastes nothing like any even semi-decent cakes I've ever tasted; I'm sorry to say. I should have known better because I really hate all things that taste like diet anything. So, this is totally just my opinion. But, it was absolutely the worst tasting thing I've ever been unfortunate enough to eat! But, my husband LOVED it. So, maybe you'll like it too! I don't think Matt has ever had a cake all to himself so I'm almost happy I hated it because he is in heaven. And, it's not terribly bad for him so I can't complain about him eating the whole thing:) I'm definitely going to try this rainbow idea again, but next time I will make a fatty cake with butter and sugar and real, delicious frosting! I think I will make one tomorrow for my sweet sister and her roommate, Keshnee as a house warming gift! They lived in the dorms here in Davis for the past year, but today they are moving into a big girl apartment. I think they need a pretty cake to eat and talk boys and watch Sex and the City:) Ah, sometimes I miss having a girl roommate... Oh wait, I still do!! hahaha (jk lover, you're a macho man).

Sunny Day Rainbow Cake
2 boxes of white cake mix
24 oz. of clear diet soda (example: Sprite Zero, Diet 7-up)
gel food coloring
16 oz. whipped topping (sugar free or fat free)
2 oz. instant fat-free sugar-free pudding mix
This is what happened the first time we tried to flip it over... LOL


  1. That is the most AWESOME looking cake I've ever seen! Katie would LOVE it! Oh Ashley, how I love those Matt jokes. ZING! I'm sitting here laughing. Good times. Dad just made me a veggie sandwich with cheese and avacado and cucumber and he handed it to me and I did a little sitting down dance. He laughed and said "I wish you wouldn't do a happy dance every time I feed you." You guys can relate. Not Skelly (what Katie calls Dad for skeleton) though. Love me. I mean Love, me (and love me)

  2. Oh Matt, I forgot to tell you. There's a big Cowan alumni dinner/dance coming up in October. PAR-TEE!Get your tickets soon before they run out. Really, though, I think it would be fun for all your little Cowan friends and you to get together.

  3. Hi Ashley,

    I stumbled onto your blog the other day and have found myself hooked! You are so talented and creative. I enjoy your posts and the photos-- it seems like you and I have a lot in common.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I was stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday :)


  4. Ummm this is amazing...I love how it looks, but will def follow in your footsteps and make it FATTTY!!!