Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank You Cards

It may have taken four months, but I finally finished our thank yous for our wedding! After interventions from both my parents and Matt's parents I decided it was high time. I just sat down, got to it and finished them in a seven hour stretch. Okay, okay, WE finished them. I have a hard time because I never feel like I can quite express how thankful I really am to all those who were kind enough to help us get on our feet. I hope nobody was offended by how long it took for them to receive one. What is the statute of limitations on thank you notes?
Matt got all the cards, I believe, from Target. I got my memaw and pepaw a different card, however, because I wanted to send them a bunch of pictures in it. I found their card at Papyrus! Have you been to a Papyrus? I am in love with it. They always have the greatest stuff. I think Target also has a limited supply of Papyrus cards. Anyways, isn't this so pretty? I just loved it!! I think my memaw could appreciate how darling it is:)


  1. That's such a pretty card. Memaw will love it. She's as bad as you are with the color yellow. Do you know what my favorite color is? :)

  2. I loved the first ones. Nothing like ric rac:)

  3. I haven't quite finished mine. I've done mine in waves. Good job getting them out!