Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Quite Yellow, Not Quite Green...

This past weekend was so great. Matt and I had such a relaxing and wonderful time... On Friday night we just stayed in, curled up on the couch and watched a movie. I took out my knitting and worked away and, because the movie was one of those that's hard to follow, I pretty much missed the whole point of it:) Oh well, Matt enjoyed it and I just enjoyed being there with him. On Saturday we woke up and to our surprise the whole apartment smelled like rain and the windows were full of gray skies! I was so excited! I have missed cool air and rain so much. It's still not quite fall yet, but it's not quite summer anymore either:) We went to Sacramento and went shopping with Mona, which is always so fun and productive. We bought several books at our favorite used book store and then we went to the fabric store where Mona works and I got fabric for curtains. I am so excited to finally get started on them. I've been procrastinating with the curtain project for months now. I'm so indecisive when it comes to material. But, these two particular fabrics are ones I've been admiring for quite some time now so I think they'll be perfect! We went to the hardware store for a few things and then went to Michael's to get wooden letters for my kitchen project. We had Mona's delicious scallops and spaghetti for dinner.... Ah, like heaven to my taste buds.
On Sunday it was nice and gray again to my utter delight and we slept in late. I love having the cool fall air come in through the windows and wrapping extra quilts around us like burritos in the morning. We cuddled and had coffee and read. It was wonderful. We worked on projects all day, taking nap breaks or snack breaks in between. We made Katie and Keshnee's house-warming rainbow cake in the evening and took it over there to surprise them:) Then we stayed and watched the season finale of True Blood. It was awesome. Oh, Suki Stackhouse, your life is so crazy!
We went home and decided to get some good rest to prepare for the start of the new week. As I curled up next to my adoring husband last night I thought about just how lucky I am. I'm so in love I can hardly contain it. Everyday I think I fall deeper in love with Matt. He's so perfect for me, and I'm so perfect for him. Every night he holds me, rubs my hair and talks to me or reads to me until I fall asleep. I feel so safe and loved. I couldn't ask for a better weekend, spent with a more darling hubby.

This is the fabric I will use to make the curtains for the two living room windows. I am in love with the color. I have two yellow walls behind the couch and where the front door is, and then we are going to paint the wall opposite the couch where the windows are a taupey greyish color. This fabric will look so yummy against the darker color. I love that it's not really yellow, but not really green either. Outside the living room windows are lots of trees, and we're on the second floor so all you see are the leaves. I think this will go very nicely, don't you? 
This is the fabric I chose for the dinning room windows. I love how retro it is. Our walls in the dinning room are yellow and white vertical stripes, which will look great with this fabric. I love having little splashes of red and blue everywhere. I'm really into saturated colors and vibrant, happy prints. I can't wait to show you all the finished curtains!
Here's the cake we made for the girls. It's not the cutest cake ever, but whatev... I'm not the greatest at decorating cakes, as you can see. However, the colors are the colors they're using for their new apartment and the K is for Katie and Keshnee. They have cute K's all over their apartment. Why didn't Andrea and I think of that? 
Doesn't the inside look way cooler than our last rainbow cake? The colors separated so nicely. I think it's because we made a real cake this time and the batter was thicker and rose much better. How fun would this be for a child's birthday party?!
So for my kitchen letters project I bought big, wooden letters at Michael's. They were super inexpensive (I think they were like $2.50 each). I just painted the sides a pretty blue and then mod podged the fronts of the letters with scrapbook paper. I used a utility knife to cut around the edges after the paper dried and that was it! Easy breezy. I tried to distress them a bit to make them look old because I just love old crap;) I think I might use Mona's ink pad on the edges later...
The K got a little crinkly because the paper wasn't thick and sturdy like the other paper I used. Oh well, you live, you learn
We don't have the right nails to hang it just yet, but isn't the finished product so fun? I'm so excited to hang it and show you how it looks after! I think it was just the touch the kitchen needed. Hopefully I will look at it and be inspired to do more cooking. I should make one that says CLEAN UP, but that isn't nearly as cute and who wants to be inspired to clean? Not me!
Just a little touch of fall. Mona had a bag and told me to take a couple. Every time I look at them I get excited for the new season. I'm so excited to carve pumpkins and all other things festive for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Hooray for the upcoming holidays!!


  1. Who is this Mona, and how awesome is she? I LOVE how the letters turned out. The papers you used are perfect! Katie and Keshnee loved the cake. You guys are so nice. That was so thoughtful of you. I love the fall, too. It always makes me want to go to a football game and watch Katie dance at halftime. Oh, the good old days. We sure had fun last weekend. I'll see you soon. Love Mama Bears

  2. I just realized that I could comment on here. Ha
    I love your blog. Love your material for your curtains, love your Cook sign, really love your apron hanger and can't wait til you make your aprons to hang on it, love your apartment, just love everything you do! You and Matt are amazing and so talented. Oh, I tried the marshmellow cream and peanut butter sandwich. Loved it!
    Love you both, Momma

  3. What a beautiful blog and so inspiring..Your photos your words, your thoughts and I get to be a part of it all..Privledge!!

  4. you are such a doll. :) seriously, you inspire me to be more craft-like and creative! thanks for the sweet comment on our blog. if you ever do come to utah, we will gladly be your tour-guides! :)

    ps-i love not yellow not green! i'm making curtains for our front room right now in that exact shade! how funny. you have great tastes in color, cute girl!