Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, Shabby Chic.... Near, far, wherever you are, I'll find you!

I'd like to talk to you about a little obsession of mine. Shabby Chic. I have a house full of it, and yet my thirst is never satisfied. I paint things and distress them. I buy things that are already distressed. I dream of things I see until I have to get them or I swear I'll die. Is there shabby chic therapy available? If so, I need to make an appointment asap! Actually scratch that. If I need therapy for an obsession it would be my unhealthy desire for everything to be yellow. But, that's another post, another time...

This is our coffee table that we purchased at a flea market. Look at our little bird, isn't he so cute?:)
I like to refer to this as the wall of Shabby. All the frames, the end tables and our lamp are distressed to my liking. I found these frames at random thrift and antique shops, yard sales, and the house of Mona. When I had them all out at my in-law's my father-in-law told me he never knew anyone with a frame fetish! Well now you do Dan, now you do.
I found this treasure at my personal heaven, Cottage Girls. Cottage Girls is an antique shop in Carmichael that makes me happier than any shop on earth! We use this as a catch-all. I love how crusty it is!
This is our dresser. We also got this at Cottage Girls. You can't really tell how pretty it is in pictures, but you can get the idea. Yes, that's Matt and me when we were both two:) I'll have to make a post dedicated to baby pictures of Matt. He was soooooo precious!
I got the top end table at a flea market and the bottom old, sweet table at Magnolia Antique Shop in Carmichael. To me shabby chic items give my apartment a vintage/country/homey/adorable vibe, which is exactly what I'm going for. I can't wait until we can live in a house so I can cram it to the brim with shabby everything!

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  1. Hello Ashley...I had more fun walking thru' your are adorable and your family is darling. Anyway, I own Magnolia Antiques in Carmichael and the table in the picture was mine. I was SO excited to see the table and it was so lovely of you to mention our store. We just won "Best Antique Store for 2010" by the A-List for the 3rd year in a row. Thanks for shopping our store and great job with your blog. I had fun!! Stop in an introduce yourself sometime...Caryn Conway and the Magnolia Family