Monday, September 7, 2009

La Pizza per Due!

Tonight, we had Matt's homemade pizza for dinner! He makes the most delicious pizza you've ever tasted (that's not an exaggeration). From the homemade dough to the fresh toppings I was in Heaven and I didn't want it to ever end. I ate until I felt uncomfortable and looked pregnant. I wish pizza night was every night!

For the dough recipe he used Alton Brown's Pizza Dough Recipe.

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  1. That pizza looks delicious! Matt, you are such a great cook. I'd say all those years by my side was the reason, but you are just such a natural cook, like your Grandpa. I'm going to go make us a pizza with the dough you left me. Wait, where is my pizza stone? I'd insert that winking face thingy here if I knew how (or knew what it was called). Maybe I'll know how to at the end of my computer class. That's right, baby. Mom